Warlander Old English  Bulldogs 

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About Warlander Olde English Bulldogs 

Puppies were born August 31st. !!  4 males and 2 females

available.  Blue merle, black merle, blue tri merle, Black and

white, solid blue, Brindle and white.

Welcome to Warlander Bulldogs, here at our farm we are raising the healthiest and friendliest bullies possible!  We like to pride ourselves in breeding a few litters every year. It is about quality not quantity, Quality and health are expensive. I have been raising Bulldogs for 20 years. We put a lot of effort and time and heartache into each and every litter of puppies. Puppies and adults are watched all day everyday. My puppies are registered with the IOEBA THESE ARE Not AKC registered dogs. We have ventured into the exotic colors of bulldogs....... These colors "were developed through my bloodlines over the last  8 years." That way I know they are strong, sturdy and healthy. We spay and neuter any pup or dog with undesirable genetic traits, cherry eye, entropian, dysplasia and any other genetic malformation.
Please read about the Olde English Bulldogges Origins so that you fully understand the breed and what a true bulldog should aspire to be, healthy, functional, athletic and family orientated.
Take a look around and read all the pages and look at all the photos. Then call or text or email if you are truly interested in my breed of Bulldog