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Parvo Virus Help , Fading Puppy Help



Now called Paxaid!!

2007  I had my puppy vaccinated against Parvo. It was her 3 rd. shot.

1 Week later she came down with the virus. After confirming the virus and very desperate

for her to heal, I took to the internet. I found "" Parvaid"" Well I am a huge skeptic about

natural ,homeopathic cures. I drove 60 miles to get a 1 ounce vial of the Parvaid.

I followed simple instructions  and waited....

Within 4 hours my puppy who would not even look at food or trot around was

 climbing on me and trying to get into the puppy food!! Miracle?? NO-- PARVAID WORKS!!

I am telling you it works. 15 little drops started my  puppy on a path to health! My puppy was languishing and would have died!

The testimonials on the website are REAL! I now sound just like them. When I first read them I was like YEAH right!!

But I now have a high respect for the testimonials because they ARE true!!

My vet said 50/50 chance. Parvaid said 85% !!

Within 24 hours my pup is normal and playing and her stool is starting to look normal.

I did have Antibiotics from the vet but the Parvaid rep. said I could have just used their Vibactra Plus for the Antibiotic. 

Keeping her hydrated was extremely important also.

For $40.97 for Parvaid, I saved my pups life. Was it worth the try and the drive?? YES!! I am a firm ,stand up believer in their product and I will own

2 bottles of each. It has a shelf life of 4 years and I used 1/10 of the bottle to cure my pup.

It can save an entire litters life if need be. AND stop others from contracting the disease from sick littermates!

PLEASE read the website it is incredible stuff. I would yell from the mountain tops if I could.

I will be converting my vet soon!! Great for Coccidia and intestinal upset as well as an appetite stimulant. Also incredible for those weak and struggling puppies! Quickly builds the appetite and brings them back to life!! Literally!!



Warlander Bulls

My 4 yr. old daughter, Kenson, and the healthy puppy Jasmine the ponytail  puller!!