Warlander Old English  Bulldogs 

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Warlander Females


These are our girls for Warlander Bulldogges. They are bred through 6 generations of Warlander Bloodlines. They are all very social and loving. They will bark when needed but otherwise they love to romp and play here at the farm. I like my females short and thick!


French Fry " Frenchy" is a small 42 pound 14 1/2 in. short ....UNIQUE  .. beautiful Brindle Dapple/Merle and white female. She is a great mom! Frenchy is very sweet and loveable. She is a SUPER clean breather AND healthy!




Blossom - She still has  lots of filling out to do. 15 inches short and 45 pounds. She is a Cryptic  Fawn merle. She produces gorgeous spotted babies! She is short and sweeet!! Her momma is Clemantine. We are very excited to see what she produces.




Clemantine - Awesome colored blue brindle Dapple/Merle with a cracked blue eye. Very sweet, and a clean breather and super athletic! She loves to hunt lizards!! Mother to Frenchy and blossom. Short and around 38 pounds and 15 in. tall.




Cooper is an  exotic tri Lilac/blue merle, she will have pups late 2018. Her mom is Frenchy and dad is Herschel. She is small and  around 15 inches tall. She has a super friendly attitude! Funny clown like personality!


Oakie Mae is Cooper's full sister... She is a black trindle tri merle and is a triple carrier for color. She is a sweeet dog and loves to chase the tennis balls! She is a small girl at 40 pounds and 14 inches tall. You can see how she darkened up very pretty!!